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In Summer, what color poop is bad for babies

In general, the color of a baby's poop can vary depending on their diet, age, and overall health. For instance, breastfed babies tend to have mustard-yellow, seedy stools, while formula-fed babies may have stools that are tan or yellow. However, if you notice any of the following colors, it may indicate a health issue:

Black: Black poop can indicate bleeding in the baby's upper gastrointestinal tract.

White or pale gray: This may indicate a liver problem or a blockage in the bile duct.

Red: Red poop can indicate bleeding in the lower gastrointestinal tract.

Green: Green poop is usually not a cause for concern, but if it persists, it may indicate a digestive problem.

If you notice any of these colors in your baby's poop, it's essential to contact your pediatrician immediately. They will be able to assess your baby's health and recommend any necessary treatment.